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Ad Industry Collaborates on New Campaign to Promote Cancer Research

With World Cancer Research Day taking place this week, The Brill Building, the creative consultancy founded by Roisin Keown has collaborated with a number of industry stakeholders to promote Breakthrough Cancer Research to make its debut TV ad campaign.

Created by The Brill Building with collaboration with ETC, Fluent Communications, Irish Media Agency and Mindshare, the campaign also received the support of RTÉ, Virgin Media Television, Channel 4 as well as a number of brands that donated airtime to the campaign.

The campaign includes TV, Radio, Print, Display, PR, online and social all of which highlight an urgent fundraising appeal by Breakthrough Cancer Research, which helps fund critical research and clinical trials for new cancer treatments in Ireland through an initiative called Buy Back Time.

Yesterday, September 24, was  World Cancer Research Day which brought together oncologists, patients and researchers to highlight the urgent need for new cancer treatments and to ask the public to help ‘buy back time’ for cancer patients by sponsoring a research scientist’s time through Breakthrough Cancer Research.

According to Roisin Keown: “People in Ireland have shown the medical services and staff fantastic and heartfelt support during the pandemic. With this campaign and message, we aim to show them there is an equally important health emergency happening every day where one person is dying of cancer every hour. This is something they also can help with, but rather than donate food or cosmetics the doctors on the frontline of cancer care are appealing for time, specifically the increase of time new treatments found by research buy for them and their patients.”

Orla Dolan, CEO of Breakthrough Cancer Research adds:  “As cancer research funders, we are always looking for ways to shorten the time it takes to get new effective treatments to patients who are waiting for them.  It has been a difficult few months – trials were put on hold, experiments had to be discarded and our dedicated funded researchers were locked out of their labs.  Like all charities, we have also seen a significant drop in funding, which has halted important research projects that were scheduled to start.  We urgently need to make up the time we have lost, and with public support, even increase the pace.”


Creative agency – The Brill Building
Rosin Keown, Founder & ECD
Peter Snodden, Creative Director & Art Direction Lead
Creative partners (Production)
Kevin Fox, Photographer & Videographer
Weshoot, Filming and Sound
Elliot Ruddy, Edit & Motion Graphics
Joe Mulcahy, Sound
Christy Leech, Original Music
The Element Post-Production
Client – Breakthrough Cancer Research
Orla Dolan, CEO,  Breakthrough
Eoghan O’Sullivan, Head of Fundraising,  Breakthrough


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