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Oliver Rolls Out Pan European Campaign for Malta Tourism Authority

With most European tourist destinations now open for business, the Dublin-based OLIVER Ireland has just launched a new reopening campaign for the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) to welcome visitors back to the islands from July 1st.

Malta’s main industry is tourism and the country attracts over 2.75m visitors to the islands every year. Like most holiday destinations, however, it was forced to shut down mid-March.  OLIVER Ireland won the pan-European contract for branding and creative in 2018 and has just completed the reopening series of creative to reflect the new norm.

The new campaign aims to to reassure tourists that Malta is a safe place to visit, the weather is warm and sunny in the summer months and there is an abundance of  open spaces to visit where social distancing is possible.

OLIVER devised a campaign that featured solo, couple and family travellers who were enjoying the outdoors in stunning locations. The deliverables consisted of magazine adverts, digital display and OOH which have been rolled out in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands.



Client: Malta Tourism Authority

Brief: Reopening Campaign

Creative Director: Anthony Slevin

Account Manager: Ann Sheridan

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