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Market Research Firms Resume Face-to-Face Interviewing Next Week

PIctured: Luke Reaper of Behaviour & Attitudes

Face-to-face quantitative interviewing by market research companies in Ireland will resume from June 29, with face-to-face qualitative focus groups also expected to return in July, according to AIMRO, the representative organisation for the Irish market research industry.

Both quantitative and qualitative interviewing will be done in accordance with HSE and Government guidelines.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the market research industry in Ireland has been actively researching both consumers and businesses in terms of their evolving mindsets, behaviours, needs and perceptions. A wealth of knowledge has been harnessed and shared with industry and indeed the public for the greater social and economic good by AIMRO (Association of Irish Market Research Organisations www.aimro.ie ). This research has provided insight from both Irish and International markets.

“While the research industry halted face-to-face interviewing on 14th March, it remained highly active for its clients and the greater social good, undertaking significant amounts of both qualitative and quantitative research via digital and telephone platforms,” says  AIMRO’s Chair, Luke Reaper of Behaviour & Attitudes.

“AIMRO as an organisation met formally online every 2-3 weeks during the crisis to agree guidelines and ensure quality research was still being delivered for clients. Along with ESOMAR, we have stressed the need for maintaining the quality of insight and for keeping a finger on the pulse of society in these times. It is a fascinating, albeit challenging, time in social research terms and organisations and brands need to be testing various scenarios as the situation unfolds, and opportunities emerge,” he adds.


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