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Thinkhouse Brings a Taste of Hollywood to New eFlow Campaign

Following a competitive pitch process, THINKHOUSE has been selected by Emovis Operations Ireland as its new creative agency partner for the eFlow brand.  The first campaign is ‘The Director’s Cut’ – a public information awareness campaign that reinforces the value and simplicity of eFlow’s digital solutions.

Established in 2007, eFlow is the operator of the barrier-free tolling system on Dublin’s M50 motorway and a provider of electronic tags for use on all toll roads in the Republic of Ireland. eFlow is managed and operated by Emovis Operations Ireland (formerly Sanef), the leading service delivery and technology arm of Abertis. Emovis was contracted by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formerly National Roads Authority) to implement and operate the M50 barrier-free tolling system.

The Director’s Cut

‘The Directors Cut’ is a campaign that playfully reimagines movie posters as a way to educate drivers on how to pay their tolls with the M50 Quick Pay app, the M50 Video account and how to avoid unnecessary penalties. As part of the campaign, three fictitious movie posters (spanning a variety of different film genres) were created containing all the information motorway drivers need to make their journey as cost-effective and simple as possible.

‘Forget Me Not’ is a movie poster inspired by teen rom coms encouraging drivers to avail of the M50 Quick Pay app and its benefits. ‘The Forgotten Journey’ is a thriller-inspired poster, to inform drivers that they must pay their toll by 8 pm the next day to avoid needless penalties and can do so by visiting their website eflow.ie. Finally, ‘Time Saver’, is the Sci-Fi inspired poster that invites drivers to register for the M50 Video account to save time… and money.

Dave Byrne, Head of Creative Studio at THINKHOUSE said, ‘We were delighted to be invited to pitch and win the eFlow creative account just before lockdown. Tolling and penalties are to be taken seriously, but in partnership with our brave and trusting client partner – we brought an unexpected sense of humour and playfulness to this important public information awareness campaign to capture the audience’s attention. With ‘The Director’s Cut’ we created a world where movies became our creative lens, allowing us to include all key messaging in a format that consumers understand and love – but with a twist that intrigues and raises an unexpected smile.’

Hazel Breen, Marketing Communications Manager Emovis said, ‘We are delighted to partner with THINKHOUSE on this new exciting creative platform. The team demonstrated an agility, creativity and ambition that matches the culture of the team at emovis Operations Ireland. Together, I think we’ve delivered a campaign that is not only fresh, but also cleverly outlines the benefits of using eFlow’s variety of services. I am confident that it will deliver on our ambition and I look forward to measuring the impact of it against our business objectives and communications metrics.’

Planned by Mediaworks and Source, The Dublin campaign comprises of bus supersides, bus shelters, Purchase Point six sheets, shopping mall iVisions social media, digital and radio.


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