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Three Launches Campaign to Highlight Removal of Data Limits

Three Mobile has launched its latest TV campaign to highlight the company’s decision to remove all usage limits on its “All You Can Eat” data plans.

The TV ad features a grandad helping his grandson to hunt for a monster in his bedroom was written, presented, filmed, and produced entirely remotely. The spot was directed by Tom Merilion of Speers Films from his home in France.

The cast, together with their families, shot their respective parts in their homes using custom-built self-shooting rigs. Windmill Lane handled the post with production company, agency and client attending edits, grade, VFX and VO sessions via video conference.

According to Aislinn O’Connor, Three’s head of brand and marketing communications: “At Three, we pride ourselves on leading the way when it comes to data. Over the past few weeks, we have seen a significant increase in data usage across our network and wanted to respond to this. Now more than ever staying connected is crucially important, and data continues to be the lifeblood in keeping us connected as we adjust to the new normal. We wanted to provide people like the grandad and grandson in this ad with the reassurance they need to stay connected, whenever they like, for as long as they like.”

Kris Clarkin, creative director, Boys+Girls adds: “This was the weirdest shoot I never attended. From approving shots with our director via video call to supervising audio sessions with our VO artist who was recording under a duvet in his wardrobe. Everyone involved worked tirelessly to find a creative solution around the obstacles we encountered. It wasn’t an easy process, but the viewer doesn’t know that, or care for that matter, so it was important for us to demonstrate that we can continue to produce work to a high standard regardless of the situation.”


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