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70% of the Population Believe Covid-19 Crisis Will Last Beyond Sept

Some 70% of Irish people consumers believe that the  COVID-19 outbreak will last beyond September, according to the latest wave of Covid-19 research from Core.

The survey of 1,000 people also shows that 62% of people say they are optimistic that Ireland will overcome the outbreak of Covid-19VID-19. This compares to 51% when it comes to sentiment for the rest of the world.

In addition, two-thirds (66%) of people say they are “currently enjoying the simple, everyday pleasures of life” and while 40% of people say relationships with their family have remained the same in recent weeks, 47% have said their family relationships have improved.

“While the population has experienced increased levels of stress and anxiety, overall, the population has taken a pragmatic approach to the pandemic,” says Finian Murphy, marketing director of Core.

“This pragmatism is manifesting in when people believe the outbreak will be controlled. When asked four weeks ago about how long the outbreak will last, the majority (60%) of the population said it would last until September, with a further 23% saying it would continue into 2021. Core’s latest wave of research now shows that only 30% believe that COVID-19 will be controlled by September, with the majority (70%) saying it will last after September, right up to next summer. 38% of the population believe we will still be managing the outbreak in 2021,” he says.

The research also highlights a collective approval of the crisis has been managed to date with 80% public approval of local businesses, 61% of large companies, 75% of the Government and, significantly, 69% of people approve of how other citizens are handling the situation.

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