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Bank of Ireland Uses DOOH to Promote Cocooning Support for Customers

While OOH activity might be down across the board, demand for digital out of home (DOOH) remains buoyant in shopping centres with supermarkets and other providers of essential services.

Bank of Ireland is one of several national brands that is using DOOH to highlight how it is helping customers self-isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic – including older customers and those in vulnerable situations – access cash for groceries, newspapers and other day-to-day expenses.

Customers who are already self-isolating – or who may need to in the coming weeks and months – can nominate another person to make in-branch cash withdrawals and lodgements on their behalf.

The retail focused Digital Out of Home campaign, created by Oliver and planned by Carat and PML is running on screens at supermarkets and in malls targeting carers, friends and neighbours of elderly customers.

Gavin Kelly, CEO of the Bank’s Retail Ireland division, said:

“On St Patrick’s Day the Taoiseach specifically called out that ‘cocooning’ the elderly and those with long-term illnesses at home for several weeks would help save many lives among the most vulnerable in our society. However, that presents an immediate challenge in accessing cash for day-to-day expenses which we wanted to help solve.

“That’s why we have developed ‘Cocooning Support’. This will make it easier for a trusted friend or next-door neighbour to help those in isolation with their daily essentials. Many of our customers find themselves particularly vulnerable at the moment and relying more than ever on the help and support of others. ‘Cocooning Support’ gives them one less thing to worry about, during what is a really challenging time for us all and for the country.”

James Byrne, Marketing Manager in PML Group commented “Right now, it is vital for brands to be as useful as possible to the communities they serve, and this initiative from Bank of Ireland exemplifies the result of combining purpose and practicality.”


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