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Cinemas’ Plan to Deal with Covid-19 Outlined

With all commercial cinemas open for business as usual, cinema owners have implemented a number of plans that take into account the Government’s directive limiting internal gatherings to a maximum of 100 people.

According to Su Duff, marketing & research director of Wide Eye Media, cinema owners throughout the country have agreed to limit the larger auditoriums to no more than 100 people at a time while introducing a policy of having empty seats between cinema-goers to facilitate social distancing for smaller screens. In addition, the cinema owners will ensure  tight scheduling and planning to ensure that foyers have no more than 100 people passing through at any one time. All cinemas will also introduce hand sanitising stations in both their foyers and toilets while self-ticket scanning will also be available. Contract cleaning will also take place in cinemas several times a day.

“Due to the reduced seating numbers in auditoriums and to facilitate demand while the schools are closed, the frequency of movie screening times will increase across the day in many locations.  With the exception of IFI, which is  a registered charity and will be closed until March 30th,  cinema chains will continue to provide a source of entertainment for families, young people and couples, who have extra time on their hands with other activities closed.  Wide Eye Media are in constant contact with cinemas to keep abreast of their plans,” she says.

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