Home News INM’s Creators.ie Partners with the Bloggers Brunch

INM’s Creators.ie Partners with the Bloggers Brunch

INM’s Creators.ie Partners with the Bloggers Brunch

Creators.ie, the online community of influencers and bloggers that is part of INM has partnered with Bloggers Brunch, an initiative that brings together bloggers and content creators around Ireland to share their experiences about blogging.

A sister-site of Independent.ie and headed up by part-time travel and lifestyle blogger, Rachael , Taylor Fawsitt, Creators.ie is a rapidly-growing hub for Irish content and influencer marketing in Ireland. Launched in 2018, it has worked with a wide range of Irish brands like Dulux and Cadbury’s to create paid branded content which is featured on both Independent.ie and across its different social channels. Creators.ie has over 150 bloggers and influencers on its platform.

“We say that we are curators of Irish content,” says Taylor Fawsitt. “We work with some of the most established content creators in the country as well as those who are just starting – every creator has a place in our eyes and we want to help grow the industry. It’s very exciting”

“We saw that there was a need for a guiding light in the industry in Ireland, someone to bridge the gap between traditional media and influencer marketing and we wanted to be the ones to do it. We want to help brands discover bloggers who can reach their target market while also being part of the community,” she adds.

According to Sabrina Egerton, founder of Bloggers Brunch: “Bloggers Brunch brings together bloggers and content creators from around Ireland to network, learn from each other, and collaborate in real life. Each event is curated to be an authentic experience – and a totally safe space – to ask questions, talk about challenges, and empower Irish bloggers to grow their platforms.”

Speaking about the tie-up between Creators.ie and Bloggers Brunch, Taylor Fawsitt says: “We think of this as more of a partnership than a sponsorship. For us, we can see how important it is for the community to meet and network. We believe that getting together and sharing industry knowledge is as essential for bloggers as it is for the likes of media agencies, publishers and anyone else in the industry. As we are part of Ireland’s largest publisher, brand campaigns are our bread and butter. This partnership allows us to take our industry insights back to the blogging community where they can be discussed in an open and collaborative way which will ultimately help the community and the Creators.ie brand to grow.”


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