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Three Goes Back to the Christmas Table for #TheConnectedRestaurant

Following on from the success of last year’s #TheConnectedRestaurant, Boys + Girls is working behind the scenes on the project will allow family and friends on opposite sides of the Atlantic to come together to share a Christmas dinner like no other.

Last year, Three launched the world’s first Connected Restaurant connecting families in Dublin and Sydney. This year the USA proved the ideal location for this unique experience, as Ireland has a storied history of emigration to the USA with particularly strong links to New York. Opening for just three days from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th December, this unique fairytale of New York & Dublin dining experience will give New York based Irish emigrants unable to return home for Christmas, an experience with loved ones as if they were sitting at the same table, while over 5,000 kilometres apart.

According to Aislinn O’Connor, Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, Three:“At Three, we understand the power of connection in creating and sharing special moments with loved ones near and far, especially at Christmas. With the Connected Restaurant, we want to bring the people who can’t travel home this Christmas, together with their families in a special way to share a festive meal and catch up with the ones they miss. We saw an incredibly heart-warming response from families that took part last year and want to give more families the same experience. We’re excited to be bringing #TheConnectedRestaraunt back, this year connecting loved ones between New York and Dublin. We’re really looking forward to opening the doors to this special experience on the 6th of December.”


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