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Thinkhouse Launches New Campaign for MyImpact Waste App

Thinkhouse, the youth marketing agency, has launched a campaign for the new MyImpact app, created by the Regional Waste Management Offices on behalf of the Department of Climate Action, Communications and the Environment.

The new app helps consumers understand and monitor their individual waste by empowering themwith tools to help inspire more environmentally friendly routines, and to show when it comes to waste, prevention is better than cure.

According to Declan Breen, National Waste Prevention Officer, Eastern-Midlands Regional Waste Management Office:  “The MyImpact app helps you to monitor and reduce your own waste and your environmental impact by showing you how much your own everyday choices matter. There are many small changes we can all make as individuals that collectively add up to have a massive impact. Rather than always buying new, let’s try to repair, reuse and upcycle to get the most value from what we already have. It makes sense for your environment, your local community and your budget.”

Thinkhouse Creative Director, Kevin Goss-Ross adds: “When we were exploring different routes for how this content series could come to life, we were overwhelmed with how utterly unnecessary a lot of the waste we create is. Intellectually preoccupied with the world of waste on my grocery run after work, I found myself in the fruit and veg section of a small grocery store looking for bananas… I could only find bananas in plastic bags. The banana is a fruit which grows itself a naturally protective layer which, to my knowledge, is rarely eaten. So why the holy hell would anyone wrap it in plastic?”

He continued: “We took the idea of unnecessary waste and put a surrealist twist on it.  Surrealist because when people are presented with tough issues they can get fatigued and a fun, weird piece of content is a great way to get cut through. Surrealist because the problem is so preventable that inaction feels a bit insane. Surrealist because in the complex and chaotic context we find ourselves in (politically and environmentally) we seek refuge in creative movements which respond to it – like punk in the seventies. So, over a single day with an agile team of two in-house creatives and the trust of an incredibly trusting client, we created a launch video with three cutdowns and a suite of photography to launch the MyImpact app.”

No matter where you are on your journey, there is a positive environmental impact that you can make. MyImpact app helps you track these actions allowing you to see the difference that your little actions make, every bag, straw and cup you save counts.


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