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Kerrygold Reels in the Years with New Brand Campaign

Kerrygold, Ireland’s first €1 billion food brand, has launched its latest marketing campaign, which pays homage to its rich brand heritage with a fresh take on its iconic ads of the past.

The ‘Tastes Change, Taste Never Does’ campaign, which was created by BBDO Dublin, aims to capture “the quality and premium taste of Kerrygold that transcends generations, trends and fashion, positioning Kerrygold butter as a product that has not only stood the test of time but has earned its position as a family favourite on kitchen tables all over Ireland.

The nostalgic campaign will go live across TV, print and digital from today and will run until the end of December, with a unique creative that marries the retro-style of Kerrygold’s classic campaigns, with the juxtaposition of a contemporary backdrop, providing a visual reiteration that the taste and quality of Kerrygold butter never goes out of fashion.

According to Kate Saul, marketing manager, Ornua Foods International: “At Kerrygold, we’re extremely proud of our brand heritage and of the journey we’ve charted over the years, taking Kerrygold butter from humble beginnings to setting records as Ireland’s first €1billion food brand. In the context of this incredible achievement, we thought what better way to celebrate an incredible year for Kerrygold than by paying homage to the brand milestones along the way that have made Kerrygold butter what it is today – an iconic Irish brand.”


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