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    Ad of the Week in association with Adsmart from Sky: Say Goodbye to Diesel

    It’s time to say goodbye to diesel.

    And today, as part of Toyota’s ongoing brand journey, Javelin are launching a new campaign that celebrates that decision.

    In 1997 Toyota delivered their first Hybrid cars, the result of a decision taken at an early stage to work, as a company, towards a different world, that’s better for drivers, better for the environment, better for everyone.

    As competitor brands focused efforts on diesel, Toyota worked relentlessly on Hybrid technology. Today there are over 10 million Hybrids on the world’s roads. This year, Toyota released 24,000 of their hybrid technology patents to rival companies royalty-free.

    Just as importantly, in 2018 Toyota stopped production of all diesel passenger cars – a landmark decision here in Ireland, where almost 50% of all new cars that are sold in this marketplace are diesel, however 90% of Toyota sales in Ireland this year coming will be Hybrid.

    This is Toyota’s commitment to our brand promise of ‘Built for a Better World’. It’s a simple, clear story of how taking the long view and adopting a leadership stance can make the world better for all of us. All of this means that here at Javelin, the brand and its truths are deep creative territory for us to mine.

    Michael Gaynor, Marketing Director, Toyota Ireland said  “it’s vital we continue to create momentum to give meaning to our brand promise of “Built for a Better World”.  Truth and trust are integral parts of our DNA and consumers are looking for brands they can trust and believe, with actions not words. We are also very proud that that for 2019 Toyota Hybrid is the best-selling car in Ireland”

    Javelin Creative team Cathal O’ Flaherty & Adrian Cosgrove, Javelin said “We wanted to dramatise the leadership that Toyota has shown in a simple but memorable way. Hopefully consumers can see not all car brands are the same and there are better choices to be made.”

    Toyota team: Michael Gaynor, Zoe Bradley.
    Javelin team
    Creative : Adrian Cosgrove & Cathal O Flaherty
    Management : Kyla O Kelly, Orla Hickey, Aoife Hearne.
    Planning : Barry Fitzpatrick
    Media: Aoife Hofler, Roisin Shaw
    Editing : David Byrne
    Post : The Element.
    Sound : Beacon Studios
    Music “Time to Say Goodbye” Music, Francesco Sartori – music; Lyrics, Lucio Quarantotto, sung by Andrea Bocelli.

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