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    Spotlight Oral Care Campaign to Launch their New Toothpaste Range

    Focusing on the toothpaste’s unique formulation, the campaign entitled ‘Harm Free Oral Health’, is designed to get people talking about their oral care and the potentially harmful ingredients in their current toothpaste.

    According to Siobhan Lavery from SL Consulting (ex. MD of ICAN) who created the campaign, ‘we all tend to take our toothpaste ingredients for granted, so our goal is to get consumers to think about what’s in theirs and reconsider what we’re putting into our mouths, one of the most absorbent parts of the body’.

    The campaign features Spotlight Oral Care’s creators Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, two Galway based dentists, who developed their own toothpaste range in response to the ingredients they found in most other brands.

    Normally we’d advise clients not to appear in their own advertising, as we’ve all seen some less than optimal results, but in this case, it was a bit of a no-brainer according to Siobhan. No one is better placed than Lisa and Vanessa to tell the Spotlight story and as health professionals they bring a natural authority to the health messaging.

    According to the Dentists and sisters “We are delighted to launch our new ad campaign and to revolutionise the oral care industry with holistically healthy and better for you oral care products”

    Spotlight’s Oral Care’s proposition is unique, so our job was simply to find an interesting and compelling way to tell it according to the campaign’s creatives Dan O’Doherty and John Martin.


    Client: Spotlight Oral Care
    Head of Advertising: Barry Buckley

    Agency: SL Consulting
    Strategy: Siobhan Lavery
    Creative Directors: Dan O’Doherty / John Martin

    Production: Gaslight
    Producer: Mick O’Connell / Dave Davin
    Director: Bob Gallagher


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