Home News Digital Continues to Drive Growth in Irish OOH Market Says PML

Digital Continues to Drive Growth in Irish OOH Market Says PML

Digital Continues to Drive Growth in Irish OOH Market Says PMLThe enduring power of classic out of home (OOH) formats, combined with the immediacy and flexibility of digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, are combining to drive growth in the sector, according to PML Group’s Posterwatch Q3 2019 report.

The PML report highlights the growing influence of digital formats among leading advertisers while at the same time these brands continue to recognise and trust in the long-term effectiveness of billboards, bus shelters and transport formats.

The report states that the average share of DOOH investment among the top 10 advertisers for 2019 stands at around 22%, with 78% spent on classic panels. In terms of the whole market, DOOH accounts for 23% of display value, indicating that the biggest advertisers are taking a more multi-format approach and utilising classic formats at a slightly higher rate than the market in general.

According to Colum Harmon, marketing director, PML Group: “In an ever-evolving OOH sector, the medium is providing excellent balance and options through high impact digital activations and long-term brand build solutions on stunning classic formats. Although both strands of the sector are flexible, this is a developing trend as to how advertisers are deploying the medium. The mix is important, both from creative and location strategies”.

The top ten advertisers on OOH in 2019, according to PML,  have a market share of voice of 27%, with Diageo, McDonald’s and AIB Group leading the way. FREE NOW is among the top ten for the year as a result of Ireland’s biggest ever OOH campaign in cycle 15, marking its rebrand from mytaxi. Supermarkets and banks are highly active categories in 2019, while a major increase in marketing spend on non-alcoholic beers could be an indication of things to come with the Public Health Bill just weeks away from enactment.

Dynamically enabled digital campaigns were plentiful in Q3 and throughout 2019 to date with noteworthy activations from Aer Lingus, McDonald’s, Zurich, Guinness, Rockshore and Cadbury in the past few months. PML Group’s Liveposter Dynamic platform delivered various creative triggers across these campaigns, including location, weather, countdown and sports results.


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