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    Ad of the Week: RSA’s “What Do You Think Will Happen?”

    The Road Safety Authority has launched a new campaign to promote the use of seat-belts while driving.

    The campaign- which was created by BBDO Dublin-  targets young men who do not fear the physical consequences of not wearing a seatbelt because no matter how dangerous the odds may actually be, they do not believe that something fatal will ever happen to them.

    The ad explores, in a very fast cut dream sequences, all of his fears – intimidation, emasculation, judgement, exclusion, and finally the viewer is taken through a dream sequence of the potential physical consequences of not wearing a seatbelt, as his friend is thrust forward, as though in a lethal head-first crash. We then see how a normal friend really reacts to being asked to wear their seatbelt – so simple, no big deal – “sure, no problem”, and he puts his seatbelt on.


    BBDO Dublin
    Clayton Homer – Art Director
    Dillon Elliott – Copywriter
    Ken Kerr – Account Director
    Lara Walsh – Senior Account Manager
    Daniel Harnett – Account Executive
    Elaine Gillespie – Planner
    Andrew Counihan – Producer
    Dylan Cotter – Executive Creative Director

    Red Rage Films
    Lena Beug – Director
    Paul Holmes – Producer
    Kip Bogdahn – DOP
    Screen Scene – Post Production
    Jake Walshe – Editor
    Mcassa Music Production – Sound and Music


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