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Accenture Interactive partners with Cannes Lions to Provide Digital Doggy Bag

Heading to Cannes Lions next week but not too sure what talks to attend or are you afraid of missing something interesting that clashes with something you want to attend? Then you are no different to most of the delegates who attend the week-long advertising festival. But this year, fear not as Accenture Interactive has come up with a digital doggy bag that will help solve your problems.

Until now, delegates have had to be ruthless with their schedule to ensure they are attending the sessions, award shows, meetings and social events that will bring their businesses the most return on investment.

This year, Accenture Interactive, in partnership with Cannes Lions, will be providing all delegates and Digital Pass holders with a free Digital Doggy Bag – a comprehensive pack of curated original content which contains an invaluable summary of the most meaningful Cannes experiences this year. This expansive pack will not only justify investment on attending the Festival, but also extend its value, by providing in-depth insight into all areas of the 2019 event for your colleagues to enhance your post Cannes debrief.

Accenture Interactive will deploy an onsite roving team to curate and create the Digital Doggy Bag’s collection of rich media content. Working in collaboration with the Cannes Lions content team, Accenture Interactive’s reporters, art directors, and production team will distil the essence of the 2019 Festival into immersive, convenient, and timely reports. All of this content will be available to download, edit, and share with colleagues.

The Digital Doggy Bag will consist of:    

One “Week in Review” – emailed to all delegates on Saturday 22nd June

A richly-designed digital recap of the week’s most notable moments, displayed in an easily-digestible storytelling format, integrating video from the event and The Work in two languages (English and Mandarin).

Six “Trends” Decks: A series of content publications focusing on the 10 Cannes Themes, including real-time input. The instructions on how to download these decks will be emailed to all delegates on Tuesday 25th June.

According to Charlotte Williams, VP of content, Cannes Lions: “We have programmed the content to ensure it enhances learning for our entire community, focused on our 10 industry-led themes. We’re also delighted that the content will reach more people this year, as our delegates share their learning with their colleagues around the globe through the innovative addition of the Accenture Interactive Digital Doggy Bag.”

Mish Fletcher, global head of marketing, Accenture Interactive adds: “Our mission at Accenture Interactive is to reinvent experiences and improve lives – and what better place to do this than at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity? The Digital Doggy Bag concept was born from the insight that you go to Cannes, you see some amazing work, you hear some fantastic discussions, and yet it’s hard to piece it all together into coherent learnings. That’s where the Digital Doggy Bag comes in. We’ll curate all of the content aligned with six major trends and then package it up in a presentation-ready format so that you can share new insights with your team – and look smart in front of your boss! It’s experience reinvention at its best.”

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