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Heineken Ireland Launches Cross Platform Docuseries to Promote Heineken 0.0%

Caption: (L-R): Mark Kilbride (Communications Director at Thinkhouse), Cara Doyle (Head of Content Partnerships at Packed.House), Grace Fitzgerald (Senior Brand Manager at Heineken), Conor McDonnell (Digital Director at Starcom), Megan O’Riordan (CCO at Packed.House), Greg Ashe (Client Manager at Starcom)

Heineken Ireland has launched a new branded docuseries which will be distributed across digital, social media, radio, cinema and OOH.

The docuseries, which is being backed by Heineken’s 0.0% non-alcohol lager, was created by Packed House, Thinkhouse and Starcom in collaboration with Wide Eye Media and Wide Eye Outdoor and will bring a series of branded content messages promoting a balanced lifestyle to consumers. Each minidoc highlights successful Irish individuals who are championing living a full and balanced life, without compromise and the first video delves into the story of radio broadcaster, Marty Guilfoyle to show how he lives a full and balanced life, without compromise.

Commenting on the launch of the partnership, Grace Fitzgerald, Senior Brand Manager for Heineken 0.0% says: “Heineken 0.0% has truly taken the Irish market by storm, fulfilling the needs and demands of those who love to enjoy and want a great tasting beer, but without the effects of alcohol. Through this dynamic, first-to-market partnership with Packed.House, we will turn the spotlight on those who lead successful, busy lives whilst challenging the status quo that if you’re not drinking alcohol, you will potentially miss out on social occasions. At Heineken®, we don’t think that should ever be the case, and with the launch of Heineken® 0.0%, now you can enjoy a great tasting non-alcohol beer without compromising on quality.”

According to Megan O Riordan, CCO of Packed.House : “The sheer reach of our owned and operated websites, the organic engagement from our readers, our rich data and the partnership with Wide Eye Media and Wide Eye Outdoor allows Packed House to create a new perspective on branded content success. On-site, Cinema, digital OOH, radio and social content facilitates Heineken 0.0% to engage with their target consumers across a number of different touchpoints in their daily lives; going to the cinema, in a shopping centre, in a gym, in the car on the way to work, online during their lunch break or in the evening when they are relaxing after a day at work.”

Conor Mc Donnell, Digital Director from Starcom adds: “This partnership is a great advert for the strength of collaboration – Heineken®, Starcom & Thinkhouse all worked closely with Packed.House to create content that is tonally and visually right for both the Heineken® 0.0% brand and the Packed House audience. We have been able to amplify quality branded content across media touchpoints in a way that hasn’t been done through a partnership in this market to date, leveraging Online, Cinema, Digital OOH & Radio. Marty Guilfoyle is an ideal persona to launch this exciting series – Heineken® 0.0% helps facilitate him living his busy lifestyle without compromise.”

Websites included in this partnership include entertainment.ie, beaut.ie, familyfriendlyhq.ie and thesportschronicle.com.

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