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New Evoke.ie Survey Sheds Light on Irish Women

A new survey of 3,200 Irish women, carried out by Evoke.ie, sheds some light on their daily lives, their habits and beliefs and how they feel about family, finances, beauty, style, motoring and weddings.

According to Liz Doyle, Commercial Manager of EVOKE.ie, part of DMG Media Ireland: “Over the last two years, we have worked with over a hundred brands using our Sampling & Survey Panel to sample their products and deliver insights that are truly engaging from our core audience. Brands have used this service both to create truly native content on the site but also for their own marketing and research purposes.”

Some of the key findings include the following:

  • Over two-thirds (68%) of Irish mothers believe they spend enough time with their children but struggle to keep their children entertained during school Summer holidays.
  • Spending time with family watching a movie is the ultimate way to spend a rainy day.
  • 90% of women are hoping to exercise more and eat healthier in January 2019.
  • 61% said that the most popular people to discuss intimate health issues with are their best friends while 57% say their partner.
  • 49% of those surveyed rent their accommodation while 51% either own a home or live with parents.
  • 72% save on a regular basis
  • 72% of women demonstrate their confidence through their choice of clothes.
  • 64% of survey participants spend between €25 and €100 on fashion & beauty items every month.
  • 66% demonstrate their confidence through their choice of make-up
  • 68% feel that their choice of lipstick says a lot about their personality
  • 68% would prefer a cash gift when getting married instead of wedding list for guests.
  • 65% feel it’s unfair to ask guests to travel abroad for the hens/stag party.
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