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    Motherland and Irish internet safety awareness centre, Webwise have launched a powerful film ‘BeInCtrl’ which aims to put power back in the hands of young people online.

    Directed by Motherland’s newest signing Hugh Mulhern, the film depicts the stories of two teenagers subjected to online sexual coercion and extortion with the purpose of informing young people that this behaviour is a crime.

    “It aims to raise awareness of how to protect yourself online as well as where to find help and support and to give young people Ctrl!” explained Webwise.

    The transitional years from child to adult can be trepidatious for some, yet for many it’s a time to solidify and develop your own ideas of the world.

    This film acts as a tool to inform an audience that are already deeply immersed in social media.

    “For this message to truly resonate with an audience that have already heard all the horror stories, we needed to make them really feel something” said Hugh Mulhern, Director.

    The film contains two mediums; the footage from the characters’ phones and a cinematic perspective, communicating to the viewer a grounded sense of reality.
    “Although the subject matter is frightening, we wanted our audience to come away feeling empowered with the knowledge of what to do if you get yourself into a situation like the ones in these films” said Hugh Mulhern, Director.

    Webwise explained that this video is a great way for parents to start a conversation with their teens about how they are using social media to communicate and form relationships.

    “We also recommend that teachers use this video as a way of introducing the topic of online sexual coercion and extortion ahead of teaching the Be in Ctrl lessons. It is hoped that this video will be used as a way to inform students of this crime, promote appropriate online behaviour and develop a culture of reporting while fostering empathy, respect and resilience.”

    Please visit www.webwise.ie for information on how to protect yourself online.

    The film launched online on September 11th 2018.


    Client: Webwise
    Project Officer: Jane McGarrigle
    Digital Content Officer: Aideen O’Sullivan
    Education Officer :Tracy Hogan
    Production Company: Motherland
    Director: Hugh Mulhern
    Producer: Keith Bradley
    Production Manager: Louise Byrne
    Executive Producer: Ross Killeen
    Post Production: Motherland
    Editor: John Cutler

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