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DMG Launches New Video Targeting Tool for Young Audiences

DMG Media Ireland has laucned effectAV, a 1st party data-driven solution that amplifies AV campaigns running on the group’s online platforms.

Delivered through a combination of proprietary and leading industry ad tech tools, effectAV reaches 91% of 18-34 year old adults watching TV. Whilst live ad synching creates a real opportunity it represents just one of the multiple and connected touchpoints harnessed by the power of this new product.

Recent studies from Thinkbox, one of the leading marketing bodies for commercial TV have shown that up to 75% of adults use a second screen device whilst watching TV. This figure rises to as high as 95% in the 18-25 year old age range and the average time spent doing so can be as high as 41 minutes per day.

The shift in TV viewership patterns over the last 10 years has seen more viewers migrate to digital platforms meaning there has never been a greater need for multiscreen marketing and advertising solutions. Within the Adult 18-34 category alone, TV impacts have fallen by almost 40% over the last 10 years, coupled with strong demand for inventory this has led to significant inflation in the market, especially amongst the young, hard to reach demographic.

“It’s a fact that young adults are now harder to reach, they consume content in different ways and traditional avenues are becoming less efficient. Advertisers are bolstering existing methods with standard VOD channels that sometimes deliver incremental coverage but often fall short on engagement and relevance. What we have done is combined the power of engaging content with proprietary ad technology to create what we feel is a ground-breaking new product that will compliment all of the above and deliver incremental reach in a cost-efficient way,” says Karl Byrne, Group Head of Sales.

“The ability to capture trending cultural moments and deliver highly targeted video content at scale is something that is very exciting for us at DMG Media Ireland.

Combining our highly engaging content with class leading audience insights allows us to target our users at the times that matter most,” adds Bernard Bermingham, Head of Commercial with the DMG Media-owned Extra.ie.

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