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Boys + Girls create new Amnesty International, Ireland radio ad. in just 12 hours

Land of the Free?

A visceral reaction to disturbing images from America of the forced separation of migrant children and their parents lies behind a powerful new radio ad. from award-winning creative agency, Boys + Girls (www.boysandgirls.ie) for their client Amnesty International, Ireland.

The agency’s reaction to what’s unfolding demanded an immediate reaction, which is why they worked proactively and created this radio ad for Amnesty International, Ireland in the space of 12 hours. Following this, Boys + Girls collaborated with world renowned illustrator Noma Bar who used his iconic graphic style to create a striking image to accompany the radio. The image is a play on the American flag, with the stripes becoming reminiscent of the cages where children were kept, while the iconic star on the flag is on the face of a crying child.

It’s purposely designed to grab our attention and focus on the continuing story about the denial of human rights that’s unfolding in America, particularly with regard to the immigration issue.

As a voice for the dispossessed, Amnesty International, Ireland is one of the lead organisations shining a spotlight the story unravelling at the US / Mexico border and its work to help alleviate the situation.

The new radio ad is live and on air nationwide.

Mark Tuthill, Creative Director, Boys + Girls said: ‘For too long we’ve sat powerless while the America we know and love is changing utterly, and continues to do so. Our latest work for Amnesty International, Ireland aims to highlight the plight of oppressed parents and children, and raises the question as to whether American can still claim to be the land of the free.’


Client: Colm O’Gorman, Amnesty International
Agency: Boys + Girls
ECD: Rory Hamilton
Creative Directors: Mark Tuthill & Laurence O’Byrne
Head of Client Service: Pat Stephenson
Media Agency: Mindshare – Ken Nolan & Darren Bracken
Sound Design: Mutiny
Music: Denis Kilty
Edit: Lochlainn McKenna
Illustrator: Noma Bar
Illustration Agency: Dutch Uncle









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