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Irish Consumers Continue to Embrace Live Streaming According to IAB

Around 68% of of consumers in Ireland (67% globally) have streamed live video content according to new research published by IAB.

The research, “Live Video Streaming: A Global Perspective,” surveyed consumers in Ireland along with 20 other countries around the world.

Live streaming is a fast-growing phenomenon with 40% of consumers in Ireland live streaming more now than a year ago.

Globally, smartphones are the most frequently used device to live stream video content (46% several times a day, 21% once a day), followed by smart TVs (34% several times a day, 30% once a day).

The research also notes that 64% of those that have streamed live video have engaged with an ad – such as pre-roll or sponsored ads – while live streaming.

The most common ‘actions taken’ in response to seeing an ad during a live streaming session were remembering the brand that was advertised, clicking on the ad, and visiting the brand’s website.

With the FIFA World Cup kicking off this week, the study also looked at live streaming intentions among those who want to watch the tournament in Russia. Globally, 65% of those who have live streamed video previously, plan to live stream the matches. The comparable figure for Ireland is 58%.

“This IAB study illustrates the onward growth of live streaming and its ability to reach an increasingly mobile consumer and help build brands,’ said Brendan McGillicuddy, Chair IAB Ireland Video Council and Head of Digital Platforms at TV3.

“Given the huge appetite for live sport in Ireland, the upcoming World Cup this summer, Champions League in Autumn and 6Nations in Spring 2019 will drive significant growth of live streaming in our market, providing a great opportunity for Advertisers to reach engaged audiences in live video environments,” he says.

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