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TVadSync Launches New Cross Platform Attribution Tool

Ruaidhri Mag Fhloinn, VP of Marketing at TVadSync

The Irish media-tech company TVadSync has launched a new attribution tool called Smart Tune-In Attribution, a cross-channel, multi-touch attribution algorithm, designed to optimize insight into the influence of integrated TV and digital campaigns on content viewings.

Using the most advanced data-driven and algorithmic machine-learning as well as access to the USA’s largest deterministic Smart TV data set, TVadSync’s attribution modeling can calculate the incremental lift in conversion rates of brands’ TV spots and digital creatives with maximum precision. This creates a comprehensive picture of how TV and digital touch-points synergistically contribute to tune-ins and viewings and gives TVadSync a superior way to optimize and drive more views via high performing cross-platform campaigns.

Legacy attribution models such as last touch, first touch, linear, position based, and time decay tend to rely on a predetermined, subjective weighting being placed on a touchpoint. In addition, they often don’t take account of unsuccessful paths-to-purchase to garner learnings. TVadSync’s multi-touch attribution modeling, driven by machine-learning AI, considers all consumer paths to build a complete picture of how each touch-point performs.

“With Smart Tune-In Attribution, TVadSync can ensure that campaigns take into account all the details that are pertinent to how TV viewers and mobile users move through the path-to-tune-in, when and where the flow needs to be improved and how to optimize the process for maximum engagement,” said John McNicholas, Head of Product at TVadSync. “Attribution modeling is a key area in which entertainment companies stand to make incredible gains, and TVadSync is making sure they can.”

According to McNicholas, TVadSync’s proprietary Smart Tune-In Attribution offering is a major progression for entertainment advertisers looking to maximize audience engagement.

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