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    PS4 – SurvivalMATURE

    The Lowdown:

    This is spec commercial for PS4, directed by Dermot Malone and produced by Matt D’Arcy of Banjoman Films in Dublin, Ireland.

    ‘Survival’ takes place in a post apocalyptic world, wherein the atmosphere has been disintegrating due to the effects of climate change. Our hero has just awoken from a car crash and makes for a nearby factory in an abandoned town, in order to find sustenance.

    Just as he is devouring a can of tinned food, he is happened upon by a ravenous pack of wolves. Using his newfound weapon, he attempts to fight the wolves away as he is chased out of the building and through a forest. Hiding behind a tree, he spies a raft on the shore of a lake that would lead him to safety. Our hero almost reaches the shore before he is cut off by the alpha wolf. He can see a military compound on the far side of the lake that represents safety, however out of bullets and surrounded, he is devoured by the hungry pack…

    Moments later our hero removes a pair of PSVR goggles, revealing that the whole experience had been a lucid video game. Now dressed in pristine white, he makes his way over to a window to reveal that he is onboard a spaceship and as he stares back at a dead earth, we realise that the game he had been playing was based on a past reality.

    The tagline ‘Live in your world, play in ours’ represents a message of climate change awareness. In that, Playstation are around to create scary, fantastical worlds for us… meaning we should protect our own world from climate change, so as to avoid a potential apocalypse.

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