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DMG Media Launches New AdSafe Solution for Advertisers and Brands

DMG Media Ireland has launched a new brand safety solution for its digital advertisers called DMG Brand Safe.

The new offering is built around four adsafe pillars that focus on the requirements of the advertising, pre-bid targeting and filtering, viewability and verification and ad blocking.

“We are very proud to launch this market leading solution in collaboration with our clients and ad-tech partners at a time when brand safety is top of agenda for advertisers across the globe,” says DMG Media’s head of programmatic, Ben Staves.

According to DMG Media, when it comes to the requirements of an advertiser, ads are only bid on and served if the inventory meets certain conditions set by advertisers for context, editorial content, viewability and audience. When it comes to pre-bid targeting and filtering, meanwhile, DMG AdSafe will ensure contextual alignment using Grapeshot’s context and keyword technology while content will be labelled correctly using DMG’s own content management system.

DMG AdSafe will also ensure that brands are only seen by humans and delivered in the appropriate environment with predefined geo-viewability criteria. In addition, it will also prevent ads from serving in unsuitable environments and if unsafe content is detected, the ad blocker will replace the ad with a house ad or ad from another demand source.

“Brand safety has become an extremely important topic in the last couple of years following the YouTube trust issue and the general lack of visibility of the long tail programmatic advertising chain.

AdSafe represents DMG Media Ireland’s response to the these increasing brand concerns. We have brought together a number of bespoke content filtering and tracking tools that when combined offer a class leading brand safety solution” Doug Farrell, Group Head of Digital.

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