Home News eightytwenty Performs Operation Covfefe on Donald Trump

eightytwenty Performs Operation Covfefe on Donald Trump

The Dublin-based digital agency eightytwenty has put Donald Trump’s first year as President of the USA under the microscope and onto the operating table in its free-to-play online game called ‘Operation Covfefe’.

Coinciding with Trump’s first anniversary, and the results of his medical, the new online game challenges players to perform their own operation on the self-professed ‘stable genius’. Armed with tweezers, steady hands are required to remove Trump’s toxic traits to make him a better President. Both highly entertaining and informative, it gives players the chance to recall some of Trump’s standout moments from the past year.

According to eightytwenty’s creative director Alexis Bouckaert: “While we’re all impatiently waiting for this orange blight to consume itself before it does its host, we thought we’d try to alleviate the suffering of the witnesses of this affliction. While humour may not bring about the impeachment we’re all waiting for, it may work as a coping mechanism as we all cross our fingers in the hope that this term is terminal.”

To play Operation Covfefe go to  www.operationcovfefe.com

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