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    Wild Atlantic Way Launches Intergalactic Star Wars Campaign

    The Lowdown:

    The release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the Star Wars phenomenon brings with it a unique opportunity for the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland. Our marketing will capitalise on the exposure that the blockbuster cinema release will generate presenting the platform to position the Wild Atlantic Way as a destination that is truly out of this world, encouraging the domestic audience to fully re-appraise what is on our doorstep with fresh eyes at an important seasonal juncture for planning breaks and holidays.

    Fáilte Ireland new Star Wars themed cinema ad.
    Pictured (l-r): Orla Carroll, Fáilte Ireland; Daragh Anglim, Fáilte Ireland; Cassie Joyce, Wide Eye Media and Laura Cahill, Rothco Picture by Shane O’Neill, SON Photographic

    We have developed a campaign idea with a powerful message inspiring consideration while tapping into that cultural moment around the film release that will awake a sense of awe, wonder and pride. We are ensuring that the Wild Atlantic Way is front and centre across the campaign assets with an indirect link to Star Wars that can be easily interpreted by our audience.


    The dramatic landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way is the reason that Lucas Film picked the Wild Atlantic Way for the iconic setting of Star Wars. Using a humorous, tongue-in-cheek angle, and tapping into a cultural moment we aim to invite the domestic audience to re-appraise the route, to see it from a different perspective which we are presenting in an imaginative, surprising and entertaining way through our media choices.

    What if an audience from outside Ireland were asked to Embrace the Wild Atlantic Way of Life? Say, from another planet? Imagine how amazing it would look to them.

    We want to merge the sense of escapism and fantasy cinema delivers to showcase the route as a destination truly out of this world. Our campaign idea launches with a cinema spot running minutes before the release of the latest George Lucas film, and showcases the stunning Wild Atlantic Way as if it is being beamed from another planet and sold as the perfect galactic tourist escape by an outer space tourist body, Tourism Cyhhacm. Complete with a strange galactic language, clunkily translated English subtitles and captivating voice-activated graphics, the aim is to get the cinema audience to view the spectacular route through the eyes of those from another planet.

    Stage two of the approach rolls out with the Wild Atlantic Way responding to the expected numbers of outer space visitors by releasing a series of online social films in the style of helpful, friendly infomercials to educate these galactic tourists on the myriad of things they’ll encounter as they fully embrace the Wild Atlantic Way of life.  From culture, to the people to the landscape and communities, right across the route.

    Given that the movie has been shot in numerous locations, the tactical approach is intended to heighten the Star Wars fever as Ireland gears up for a full 6 weeks of galactic fun.


    Advertiser: Failte Ireland
    Brand: Wild Atlantic Way
    Activity: A Destination Out of this World Media Agency: Mindshare Client Team: Gemma Flanagan, Daragh Anglim, Mary O’Shea
    Agency Planning: Mindshare
    Media: Wide Eye Media
    Creative Agency: Rothco
    Creative Team: Rob Turner, Dave Kelly, Gavin Kelly, Alan Kelly
    Production Company: Piranha Bar
    Producer: Cliodhna Long
    Director: Richard Chaney
    Post Production: Jack Bowler, Barry Chapman, Manus Goan, Helder Real, Sam Boyd, Keith Fallon, Gary Curran, Outer Limits

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