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Adtower Introduces Facial Detection & Analysis Platform

Vincent Whelan, MD of Adtower

Adtower Digital Media, the digital OOH company, has partnered with Quividi, the globally accepted audience authority for digital OOHng (DOOH). Adtower will be providing its customers with Quividi’s VidiReports, an image processing and analysis suite of software that collects audience metrics for the digital out of home advertising industry.

VidiReports track faces and categorise them by age and gender within a fraction of a second. A discreet data sensor, placed in front of a digital screen, views a scene and detects human faces as they come into view. The metrics are collected at each digital screen and then uploaded on a regular basis to a cloud-based data aggregation service called VidiCenter. By calculating the ratio of attention time to dwell time, it will be possible to understand the attraction index of an advertising message.

Using Quividi’s audience and attention analytics platform, Adtower Digital Media will be able to deliver granular audience campaign reports to its advertisers, and give them access to a set of unique optimizing tools, such as A/B testing and benchmark data.

Creative agencies and advertisers will also be able to create automated context-responsive campaigns, driving greater audience engagement and talk ability. In a breakthrough for advertisers in Ireland, the system will determine if a person is paying direct attention to the advertisement on a screen or just dwelling in the area.

The face detection system is completely done anonymously as it cannot perform face recognition, therefore, is fully compliant with privacy rules regulated by The Data Protection Commissioner.

According to Vincent Whelan, MD of Adtower: “The partnership with Quividi is a significant step for Adtower Digital Media as it marks a breakthrough in the audience metrics. It is a very exciting innovation for the market and it means that a customer is able to curate dashboards and charts for their network or campaign, and review automated performance reports.  By developing insight from the wealth of inbound data, it is possible to optimise the performance of an advertising network.  For example, they may discover an unexpected volume of traffic at certain locations at specific times, perhaps due to the proximity of a sporting venue or local event.  It may therefore be sensible to change the advertising playlist to present ads most relevant to that audience, thus increasing the reach of the advertised brand.

“Adtower Digital Media will also able to safely embrace DOOH’s evolution towards programmatic and audience planning. The need for real-time demographic data and predictive audience data will be critical for advertisers, media agencies wishing to programmatically buy and target a specific audience. Finally, Quividi’s platform already matches or exceeds the highest global privacy standards. It never stores any face images or collect any biometric identifiers and personal data.’’

“Adtower Digital Media are sharing our vision of a more engaging and relevant DOOH to the brands and the audience. We are glad to support them in providing context-aware campaigns and true accountability and work with them next on their programmatic initiatives. The respect of personal privacy is at the core of our values: Quividi’s products do not and will never store any face images, biometric identifiers and personal data,” adds Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, CEO, Quividi.

Adtower’s key products, Digitower and DigiXtower, have an audience reach of 4.4m per two week cycle, based on 100 sites. It recently announced plans to expand as the result of a capital investment of €1.5m. In addition to this, the Dublin-based company has intentions to expand into the Northern Ireland and UK markets by Q2 2018.  Its digital units are remotely operated centrally from the company’s digital hub in Shankill, Co Dublin.

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