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    Target McConnells brings the world to Ireland with world-class VFX in An Post World Wide Open campaign

    Target McConnells have released a VFX reel to show just how they broke down world borders and brought the Golden Gate Bridge and the London Eye, among others, to Irish shores.

    Watch the ad here

    Hollywood Talent

    Target McConnells’ Broadcast Director, Michael Cullen, commented, “We had a really bold vision for this ad, so we needed talent and techniques to match. We wanted to bring our idea to life in a really dramatic, cinematic way. So we employed some world-class talent to realise the visual idea. We worked with award-winning director Ian Power. Andy Clarke, from Outer Limitis, was our VFX guy. Andy is a huge name, more known for his feature film work in the likes of “Brooklyn” and “Dracula Untold”. We also used film colourist, Gary Cullen – who’s best known for setting the tone of “Game of thrones” and “Room”.

    An Irish Advertising First

    As well as using high calibre talent, the agency also employed high-calibre equipment and techniques to match. Cullen explains, “We used the Arri Alexa 65 camera, the camera used on “The Revenant”. It’s the first time this camera has been used in Irish advertising. We also used a post-production technique using the letterbox, the black space at the top and bottom of the ad, which gradually expands as the ad progresses to give a cinematic feel.”


    Creative Agency – Target McConnells
    Client – An Post
    Joint Creative Director – Monika Crowley
    Senior Creatives – Ruth Dempsey & Keith Lawler
    Broadcast Director – Michael Cullen
    Producer – Eric Brindley
    Managing Director – Abi Moran
    Group Business Director – Enda Kelly
    Senior Account Manager – Karen Downey
    Director – Ian Power
    VFX – Andy Clarke
    Production Company – Rocket Productions
    Post Production Company – Outer Limits

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