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Thinkhouse Dips Toe into Youth Publishing Market

The youth marketing agency is dipping its toe into the world of publishing with the launch of YOUTH, an online magazine aimed at the youth market.

According to the agency’s own Youth Culture Report (2016), 72% of youth audiences ‘feel that the media does not portray them accurately’.

“We know that young people are seeking media outlets that portrays, and represents them in an honest, positive way. At Thinkhouse, we have a network of creative innovators and culture shapers around the world called ‘The Love Network; we have an innate desire to celebrate young people and create positive opportunities for them; and, finally, we have a team of passionate connectors, designers, copywriters, animators and photographers that want to let loose and experiment creatively. These were the contributing factors that led to the launch of YOUTH. We’re excited to see where it will go,” says Dave Coffey, the publication’s editor.

According to Coffey, the magazine is an exploration of various different aspects of youth culture covering sex, photography, party culture and “kick-ass women.”

According to Jane McDaid, founder of Thinkhouse: “It’s very early stages for YOUTH. We’re currently experimenting. Ultimately, we want the publication to infiltrate youth culture and, to do that, we hope to explore a partnership with an international, ambitious media owner. This will help drive the reach of YOUTH both online and potentially in print too. For a media owner, it will be a great opportunity to increase its relevance with youth audiences, and future proof their own publication/platform.”

The current issue of YOUTH can be viewed HERE

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