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Where Passions Unite – Watson Creative

Galway 6 sheet

Whether you’re a player or a fan, whether you’re into team sports or personal fitness, we all share the same passions. Personal achievement, effort and accomplishment; confidence, intensity, focus and emotion. Performing at our best, no matter how big our goals… this is what drives us all.

As the retail brand with one of the biggest and most diverse range of sports sponsorships in Ireland, this summer Intersport Elverys launch a multi-sport outdoor brand campaign that’s a media first in Ireland.

Through their sponsorships and funding of teams and through the performance quality of the products available in their stores, Intersport Elverys has been, and continues to, empower people all over the country to be their best.

On the field, in the stands, in training and in their stores, this is…WHERE PASSIONS UNITE.

Created by Watson Creative in Galway, the campaign features consecutive six sheets all over the country that literally connect shots of players with shots of fans and others following their passions in varied sports. Hands touch hands and feet touch feet as shots combine in series to create a bold visual representation of how diverse passions for sport come together through Intersport Elverys. It’s the first time six sheets have been made to interact with each other in this way, creating greater impact and turning a small format into a large one.

As well as using consecutive media placements, the campaign is also hyperlocalised, showcasing all the teams and sports that Intersport Elverys sponsor around the country in the areas where they have the most meaning. The campaign runs on 6 sheets, 48 sheets and transport media around the country from this weekend.


Agency – Watson Creative
Client – Anne Marie Hanly & Mark Newcombe
Media – The Media Farm
Creative Direction – John Watson
Photography – Sean Jackson & Kenny Whittle
Film – Kieran Hartigan, Iris Productions



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