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John Fanning to Address Next AAI Nuts and Bolts Meeting

John Fanning

Ad industry veteran John Fanning will be the guest speaker at next week’s AAI breakfast seminar and will address the topic of branding in the 21st century.

According to the AAI, the literature of branding and marketing communications has been dominated in recent years by talk about meaningful brands, purposeful brands and even conscience brands. But whenever someone attempts to define these terms the results are confusing. The definitions are often interchangeable but even more perplexing they could apply equally to brands from the late nineteenth century onwards.

However there is something afoot, there’s something stirring out there in what has recently been described as ‘a new age of un-beauty, rage and fear’.

Fanning’s talk is designed to make sense of the new age of branding by presenting a completely new schema of different business responses to the brand challenges of the 21st Century.

The event will take place in the offices of Core Media on Tuesday March 28th and kick off at 8.30am and will conclude at 10.00am.

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