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Insight of the Week: Cultivating the Gardeners

As the first signs of spring start to filter through, for many of us it is time to get back out in the garden, whether working on it or simply enjoying it. Whilst this is not an option for everybody, latest data from Kantar Media’s TGI Republic of Ireland study shows that 71% of adults in the Republic of Ireland have a garden – the same proportion as in Great Britain and slightly lower than the figure of 77% for Northern Ireland. Almost half of adults with a garden recognise themselves as being the main gardener in their household.

In terms of what these gardeners have in their garden, grass and flowers are of course the most common features, but over half have a shed, almost a third have paving and one in 10 has a greenhouse.

When it comes to spending on the garden, most gardeners have splashed out on compost in the last year, 44% have bought weedkiller and 43% have purchased bulbs. In addition, 40% of them have spent €75 or more on plants in the last year.

Gardeners tend towards the older end of the age spectrum, being 43% more likely to be aged 65+ than the average adult. They are particularly likely to be in the Independent Individual (aged 15-34, not married or living as a couple and do not live with relations) and Senior Sole Decision Makers (aged 55+, not married or living as a couple and live alone) TGI lifestage groups.

Gardeners can be an efficient conduit for spreading the message for a number of high-ticket products and services. They are significantly more likely than the average adult to believe it very likely they can convince others with their views on gardening, DIY, home appliances, cars and financial services. Indeed, they are 21% more likely than the average adult to declare ‘I read the financial pages of my newspaper’.

When it comes to reaching them efficiently, they are 28% more likely than the average adult to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of radio. Classical/opera music and music from the 50s and 60s are especially popular with them.

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