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Virgin Media Scores Digital First with Real-Time Ad Placement

In what is being billed as an Irish media industry first, Virgin Media Solutions has brokered a deal with digital technology company Mirriad to enable brands access non-live programme content after it has been produced, via digital product placement.

Virgin Media is first to avail of this technology by enabling its current advertising campaign to appear in TV3’s drama ‘Red Rock’ through digital brand placement. Despite the episodes being shot a number of weeks prior, from Monday 6th March, viewers of ‘Red Rock’ will see real-time Virgin Media outdoor advertising appear throughout scenes in the series.

According to Paula McCarthy, head of sales for Virgin Media Solutions: ‘We are delighted to partner with Virgin Media and Mirriad to be first to bring this game-changing technology to the Irish marketplace. It creates a range of new possibilities for brands to interact with non-live programme content such as Red Rock and really engage with fans of the show. Having completed the first product placement deal in the Irish market in 2011, Virgin Media Solutions continues to lead the way in this exciting space and we look forward to developing new opportunities for brands across TV3 Group.”

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