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DMG Launches New Content Offering

Doug_Farrell, Group Head of Digital, DMG Media

DMG Media has launched a new content offering for its advertisers and clients.

Called Content Plus, the new offering has three distinct propositions according to Doug Farrell, DMG’s head of digital.

“Content Plus allows us to push our engaging native and bespoke video content over our social and owned properties thus integrating our 900,000 plus, Irish MailOnline Facebook followers with our 2.7m unique onsite users. This will ultimately enable us to layer our rich social data and on-site segmentation and targeting to provide a total native solution that is smart, valuable and engaging,” he says.

“The rise of social content marketing and native advertising over the last number of years is undeniable. Despite this fast rate of adoption, the core native advertising concept remains a fuzzy one. The idea that native content should mirror editorial, offer a value exchange and not disrupt the user experience is not new, however it can be difficult to convey this subtle interplay to clients. This can result in a push toward advertorial output and a resulting poor user experience.

Content_plus“As publishers, our sole function is to create engaging and valuable content in our house style whether it be in-article or video. It is this quality content that is paramount to our business – great content created by career professional

Journalists, content our readers want to read and share. When we layer first party engagement data and segmented targeting we take the proposition further. The final step is to align our social followers with that of our on-site audience and deliver a truly expansive native experience that brings together the power of data, segmentation and ultimately social video,” he concludes.

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