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    Ad of the Week: Tesco Ireland’s Tribute to the Hosts that Make Christmas

    Tesco has launched its biggest and most ambitious Irish Christmas advertising campaign ever with a focus on the hosts that make Christmas every year.

    Called ‘Here’s to the Hosts,” the multi-platform campaign, which was created by Rothco, salutes the people who make Christmas happen every year. Directed by award-winning documentarian, Ken Wardrop, the TV ads will feature people from all over the country thanking their hosts through the form of a letter. A total of 35 ads will be shot, each one featuring a different individual reading out the letter they’ve written to their host. In many cases the hosts in question will have no idea that their loved ones have been involved until the ads air on TV.

    In addition to the unconventional use of traditional channels, the campaign will also use activations to bring some new formats into the mix, including outdoor projections and an interactive digital billboard in Dublin city centre. Call outs on social media will invite the public to be part of the these surprise-and-delight activations and hosts will even get a special mention as they’re doing their Christmas shopping, with select Tesco stores handing over their loudspeakers for guests to spontaneously thank their hosts.

    In keeping with the authenticity of the rest of the campaign, internationally acclaimed photographer, cookbook author and food blogger – Katie Quinn Davies was chosen for her style of presenting food with honesty, natural light and plenty of texture. Based in Sydney, Katie was thrilled to be returning to her hometown of Dublin for her first ever shoot in Ireland.

    With 120 deliverables across their brands (finest and trade) this is by far Tesco’s most ambitious, and certainly most innovative, Christmas campaign in Ireland to date. Launching on November 1st, the campaign will run on TV, outdoor, radio, social, digital and in-store.

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