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TVadSync Launches Smart Retarget at DMEXCO


TVadSync, the Irish martech company has launched a European version of its Smart Retarget television product that currently reaches 15m households in the US.

Founded just under three years ago and with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Dublin, TVAdSync has become a leader in the US in second screen television audience targeting, working with the world’s leading agencies and brands to harness multitasking behaviours of multi-screen audiences and to provide a 360-degree marketing solution. In partnership with a leading smart TV manufacturer in the US, it has been able to deliver finely targeted ads to online audiences who have been exposed to specific TV spots on their smart television sets.

Having launched its Smart Retarget product in the US three months ago, which now has a reach of 15m connected TV households, it is launched the offering at DMEXCO this week.

Speaking at DMEXCO, the largest advertising technology conference in the world, founder Ronan Higgins said, “for fifty years TVs have not known what they are showing. Now, thanks to ACR (automated content recognition) built into the set, the smart TV is becoming smarter. This is a tectonic shift for cross-screen advertising, being able to link ad media delivery across various screens in the home. Advertisers use our Smart Retarget product to sequence messaging, extend reach and frequency, and telescope brand advertising. Pretty soon nearly all televisions will collect viewing data, similar to how the web and apps do.”

Higgins says this radical advancement of the use of TV data has benefits for everyone. “This allows marketers an ability to attribute online and offline sales to both TV and digital media investment. Most exciting for TV broadcasters, is the ability to measure the effectiveness of TV promos for upcoming shows to actual show viewing. For the viewer it means more relevant and interesting adverts,” he says.

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