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Global Ad Coalition Wants to Improve Consumer’s Online Ad Experience


Leading international trade associations and companies involved in online media are joining forces to improve consumers’ experience with online advertising. The Coalition for Better Ads will leverage consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new global standards for online advertising.

“Advertising funds the diversity of information, entertainment, and services on the free Internet, but that doesn’t give business a license to abuse the good will of consumers,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), one of the Coalition members who announced the initiative at DMEXCO, the global conference for digital marketers.

“It is essential that industry create standards to assure that consumers get safe, fast, secure delivery of the sites and services they love,” he says.

“Ads support free content, quality journalism and enable social connections across the Internet,” said Stephan Loerke, CEO of the World Federation of Advertisers. “But people are telling us they are fed up with how ads are being delivered on their favourite sites. We hear that message loud and clear. Today’s announcement is an important step forward in shaping a worldwide response.”

According to Suzanne McElligott, CEO IAB Ireland: “IAB Ireland welcomes this ground breaking global initiative and will be actively supporting the coalition through our involvement at board level of IAB Europe and at a local level with our Irish members and councils. We look forward to working with the key stakeholders in our market in the implementation of global digital advertising standards dedicated to a better and more engaging user experience.”

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