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Insight of the Week: The Food Watchers

shutterstock_127047248Scarcely a day passes without a prominent feature on the news about a certain type of food and whether it’s good or bad for us. Often it is either being lauded as a ‘superfood’ or lambasted for its hitherto little-known risks. It can be hard to know what to make of what can be conflicting messages, but some consumers are more liable to respond to such news than others.

Latest data from Kantar Media’s TGI study of adults in the Republic of Ireland reveals that 33% agree that “news on food influences my dietary habits”. This compares to 25% of adults in Northern Ireland and 26% in Great Britain. There are opportunities for those involved in marketing food to influence this group of consumers in particular, if they are reached and engaged in the right way.

Whilst there is little by way of age or gender bias compared to the average adult amongst those who agree with this attitude, the most educated are more prone to agree. Those with a university degree or higher qualification are 20% more likely to do so than the average adult.

Not much separates these food-watchers from the average adult in terms of their likelihood to be amongst the heaviest consumers of various media, however their media-related attitudes do reveal some bias. TGI data reveals they are 87% more likely to acknowledge that they buy products from companies who sponsor exhibitions or music events, 63% more likely to agree that pop-up ads help them to find things on the internet and 48% more likely to say they find TV advertising interesting and that quite often it gives them something to talk about.

More broadly, their attitudes reveal other interesting predilections useful for engaging them in a more targeted way. They are 61% more likely to believe that celebrities influence their purchase decisions, 50% more likely to trust homeopathic medicine and 46% more likely to agree that a designer label improves a person’s image.

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