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i-Believe to Handle Sales for the Irish Radioplayer App

exploreThe digital sales agency i-Believe has been appointed by the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) and RTÉ to handle sales for the Irish Radioplayer app, the official Irish radio mobile app which is available across Apple and Android devices.

The app is a one stop shop for Irish radio content with 43 stations in total, nine of which are RTÉ services while the other 34 are from the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland.

The Irish Radioplayer app launched in April 2015  and to date has racked up over 180,000 downloads. Usage rates for the app are very strong with over 700,000 sessions per month. Listeners are tuning in for over 10 minutes every time they use the service and 61% of them are in the key 18-34 age group.

There is a growing appetite among advertisers for digital audio as brands seek to target their customers across the entire range of digital devices in use every day. According to Edison Research, digital audio listening in the US is now a majority habit with over 50% of the adult population tuning in weekly. This compares with 26% of adults in the UK who claim to listen to radio on their phones or tablets at least once a month – Rajar, Q4 2015. While there are no specific figures for the Irish market, one thing is certain; market sentiment suggests that this is a growing trend in Ireland and particularly so amongst 18-34 year olds.

According to Lee Thompson, co-founder of i-Believe: “We are delighted to be appointed to sell the Irish Radioplayer app. The app is the starting point for radio consumption on the move. The app reaches tens of thousands of people right across the country every month. With over 43 stations to choose from, the choice of premium Irish radio content in one location is unequalled. When you consider that average session lengths are over 10 minutes and mobile is the mode of consumption, listener attention is guaranteed.”.

i-Believe is now seeking a single exclusive sponsor for a one-year term with first right of refusal to renew for successive terms. The sponsor will get pre-roll audio ads with companion ads on app launch. The sponsor will also benefit from on-air mentions as part of the promotion of the Radioplayer which all 43 stations will be supporting.

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