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    Hockey Ireland – Obsessed – Atomic Sport

    The Lowdown:

    The Irish men’s hockey team have qualified for the Olympics for the first time in their history. It was not an easy journey for the team, and the teams achievement is even greater when compared to their peers. Ireland are ranked outside the top ten in the world. They are not fully funded unlike other International Hockey programs.

    Most of the guys are amateur with a handful making it as professionals in international leagues. The players have made huge sacrifices to commit to the sport. They train early in the mornings before work, gym session after and back home to start the cycle again. Some have taken unpaid leave in order to concentrate on preparing for the Olympics. It is a story of Obsession.


    Agency – Atomic Sport
    Advertiser – Hockey Ireland
    Campaign – Obsessed
    Creative Director – Greg Mutton
    Concept ­ Jack Walsh & Hansel Gonzalez
    Art Director – Hansel Gonzalez
    Copywriter – Jack Walsh
    Account Director – Patrick Murphy
    Account Executive – Thomas Blade

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