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    Lidl Lent – Chemistry

    The Lowdown:

    Lidl’s new Easter campaign showcases all the delicious Easter treats Lidl has to offer. With its uplifting tune and mouthwatering kaleidoscopic imagery, it puts a new spin on Easter by suggesting that as well as being a great time to give up something, Easter is a great time to try something new. (After all, just because you’ve given up chocolate, there’s no reason you can’t have cake!). And with so many delicious dishes to choose from, there is no need to have the same thing you have every year for this year’s Easter Sunday Dinner.


    Piranha Bar – production company and posthouse
    Richard Chaney – Director
    Fiona McGarry – Broadcast Producer
    Mike Garner – Creative Director
    Sinead Cosgrove – Planning Director
    Dee Gunning – Account Director
    Emma Spicer – Senior Account Manager
    Kathryn Murphy – Copywriter
    Adrian Fitzsimon – Art Drirector
    Steve Lynch/Stellar Sound – music
    No 4 – sound

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