The Lowdown

Imagine what it would be like if Ant & Dec brought the energy and excitement of Saturday Night Takeaway to your Moy Park teatime.

That’s the premise behind this recent series of sponsorship stings. But instead of a studio we have a kitchen. And we don’t have celebrity guests – we have Moy Park Chicken. And Ant & Dec are a knife & fork. But we know which one is which because Knife always stands on the left.

Riffing on themes from the show, we produced two minutes of original material that paid loving tribute to this stalwart of Saturday night entertainment – from interviews with Little Knife & Fork, to challenges against the clock and even our own version of the gunge tank.

Directed by Oscar winning animator Daniel Greaves, the production was shot entirely on camera and favoured traditional stop-motion animation over CGI. Because we were eager to capture the feeling that the kitchen had suddenly sprung into life whilst the family were sitting elsewhere watching the show, this old school approach gave us the authenticity in movement and lighting that we were looking for.

Knife & Fork were further brought to life through the vocal talent of comedian Daniel Renton Skinner, more commonly recognised as Angelos Epithemiou on Vic & Bob’s Shooting Stars.


Description: 12 x Stings
Client: Moy Park
Campaign: Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway
Agency: AV Browne
Creative Team: Matt Pinder/Sinead McNulty
Account Team: Karen McMenamy / Calem Greenan
Production Company: Encycle
Executive Producer: Mike Bell
Line Producer: Emma-Rosa Dias
Director: Daniel Greaves
DOP: Simon Paul
Animator/DIT: Jon Dunleavy
Food Stylist: Karyn Booth
Art Director/Props: Robin McFarlan


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