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Insight of the Week: Online Shopping


Online shopping gives the advertiser a perfect opportunity to reach their desired audience and influence their behaviour online with targeted adverts. The latest Kantar Media TGI Ireland study gives marketers a deeper insight into the habits, motivations and attitudes of these online shoppers.

In Ireland, 63% of internet users access the internet more than once a day and they are almost 50% more likely than the average internet user to make a purchase online two or three times a month. The top three things they purchase online are clothing and footwear (64% of them), airline tickets (61%), and tickets for events (57%).

Attitudinally, this group is twice as likely as the average internet user to agree that shopping online makes their life easier, highlighting their dependence on the internet and the ease of online shopping. Nearly half of this group who purchase online 2-3 times a month agree that if they find something they like in a shop they will try to buy it online to save money, compared to 27% of internet users in general.

In order to reach this group of regular online shoppers, marketers would do well to consider cinema as well as online, as they’re 36% more likely than the average internet users to be heavy cinema goers.

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