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Digital Continues to Drive Newspaper Readership Figures

Although print readership and circulation of most daily and weekly newspapers remains under pressure almost 3 million adults in Ireland read their news in print, on a mobile, a desktop or tablet every day according to the Joint National Readership Survey (JNRS) 2014.

The report found that total readership levels are being maintained by continuous increases in online newspaper readers. Total online daily readership increased by 39% year on year according to the report.

The JNRS also points to a very high cross-over amongst print and digital readers, with seven out of 10 online readers also reading in print.

“National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI) is delighted to see that total readership in Ireland is very strong with 82 percent of adults in Ireland reading newspapers in print and online regularly,” says Dara McMahon, coordinating director of NNI.

“NNI newspapers employ over 2,000 editorial staff. Every day these talented journalists produce quality and diverse content. When it comes to insight, depth, credibility, colour, carefully researched and expertly written news, analysis and opinion, nothing comes close to newspaper journalism. Readers are accessing that content via multi-platforms and this is reflected in the continued growth of online readership. Online saw double digit growth again this year and this trend is expected to continue,” she adds.

Whilst online newspaper readership continues to grow, there remains significant difference in audience penetration across demographic groups. Social group remains the most significant determining factor in suggesting that someone will read their newspapers online, with 42 per cent of those who fall into the AB group choosing to read online. Those who live in the capital are more likely to read a digital format, with 31 per cent of Dubliners choosing to read online, compared with just 20 per cent of the adult population in the rest of the country. Age also plays a role, with the under 45s more likely to read online (31 per cent) than those over 45 years old (15 percent).

Print & Digital Figure (‘000)
Print & Digital Percentage
 Print Only Figure (‘000) Print Only Percentage
Digital Only Figure (‘000)
Digital Only Percentage
Any Newspaper  
 2941  81.8  2777  77.2  621  17.3
Any Daily
 2167  60.3  1889  52.5  529  14.7
Any Sunday  2035  56.6  1957  54.4  171  4.3

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