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McCannBlue Tests Your Hydration Levels

With a big rugby weekend about to kick off, the importance of staying properly hydrated is a message that the makers of Deep RiverRock will be keen to impart to those contemplating a long boozy Saturday.

With this in mind, the brand’s agency McCannBlue has created a series of digital online challenges and games to test people to see if they are on the ball in terms of the hydration stakes.

Besides designing and developing the online games, McCannBlue has created a whole social, online and responsive strategy for Deep RiverRock, incorporating Twitter and Facebook, and homepage takeovers of popular sites like Joe.ie.

Andrew Murray, head of social & brand content at McCannBlue explains, ‘Our aim is to recruit consumers to play the game, and encourage tagging/challenging friends to try and beat their score. The games have been created to encourage a little competition and total shareability, but also to remind the consumer that water is so important for a healthy mind and body. Our social/content strategy also centres on ridiculing stupidity and celebrating sharpness – all linked back to ‘When you can’t think straight. Hydrate.”

Ailbhe O’Briain, marketing manager for Deep RiverRock continues ‘The Deep RiverRock Brand team is delighted to have entered the digital arena with our new Facebook and Twitter pages. These, coupled with our new highly challenging hydration game, provide us with fantastic new communications platforms to interact with our target market in the environment in which they are actively engaged.’

To view the online game on Facebook go to  https://www.facebook.com/DeepRiverRock.

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