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RTÉ Score a First in HD Ad Delivery

‘The Perfect Surprise’ ad for Three is the first Irish ad ever to be broadcast in HD

RTÉ has become the first major terrestrial broadcaster in Ireland and the UK to accept commercial content, including advertising, in native HD.

This is a significant development on the TV advertising landscape as up until now broadcasters with HD Channels would up-scale SD content for transmission. Moving to native HD rather than up-scaled SD, ensures that the picture remains sharp and crisp and the high quality of the production is kept through to transmission. This means that the quality signed off in the edit suite, is what will be seen on TV.

RTÉ used the IMD distribution platform to deliver the HD ad which was for 3 Mobile’s Christmas campaign.

“We have been working closely with RTÉ over the past number of months, developing workflows to accommodate this historic change to commercial broadcast. It is very exciting to be in a position to deliver high definition content, enabling advertisers to showcase their commercials in the best quality possible,” says Colette Harrop of IMD.

“We are delighted that our “perfect surprise” ad for Three is the first Irish ad ever to be broadcast in HD. A lot of work went into creating beautiful images for the campaign, so the opportunity to show them in HD on RTE with IMD’s technical support is an appropriately lovely surprise,” says Derek Doyle of the Dublin-based agency Boys and Girls.

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