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3m People Read Irish News Brands Every Week

While online readership of the different daily and weekly news brands continues to grow, print still remains the dominant medium for content produced by these brands according to the latest figures published in the latest JNRS survey which has been published by National Newspapers of Ireland.

According to the JNRS, just over 3m people read newspapers either offline or online every week. For daily papers this figure equates to 2.18m people while for the Sunday and weekly titles it amounts to 2.13m.

In terms of print-only readership some 1.95m people read a daily paper while 2.07m read a Sunday/weekly paper.  When it comes to digital-only readership of these different titles, the websites of daily newspapers account for 471,000 readers while their Sunday peers account for 153,000 readers.

“National Newspapers of Ireland is delighted to see that over 83% of adults in Ireland read newspapers,” says Dara McMahon, the recently appointed co-ordinating director of NNI.

“We are particularly encouraged to find that online readership is growing at a rate of 26% year-on-year. This is an extremely impressive level of growth and we expect to see this trend continue. However, print remains the dominant medium and JNRS 2013/2014 finds that the majority of online readers are choosing to read in print in addition to online sources. This demonstrates that print and digital formats have different applications in different circumstances, often for the same people.”

In terms of the individual titles covered by the JNRS survey, which is carried out by Millward Brown, the Irish Independent clocked up 691,000 print and online readers while the Irish Times recorded 388,000. Elsewhere the Irish Examiner achieved a combined print and online readership of 223,000 while the Irish Daily Star notched up 310,000. Meanwhile the Irish Daily Mirror achieved 226,000 online and offline readers while the Irish Daily Mail weighed in with 227,000 while the Irish Sun clocked up 329,000 readers.

In the Sunday and weekly market, IN&M titles once again dominate with the Sunday Independent achieving 992,000 online/offline readers while its stable-mate the Sunday World clocked up 749,000. The Sunday Times, meanwhile, had 407,000 while the Irish Mail on Sunday achieved 340,000. The Irish Sunday Mirror, meanwhile, achieved 169,000 while the Sunday Business Post ended the period with 118,000. The Sun on Sunday, meanwhile, notched up 275,000 readers. Elsewhere, the Irish Farmers Journal continued to report strong figures with a combined online and offline readership of 287,000.

Note: A full analysis of the recent JNRS figures as well as the ABC figures will be published in the next issue of IMJ)

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