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Irish Continue to Watch More TV

The latest figures from TAM Ireland show that Irish people spend an average of 3 hours 32 minutes watching TV every day. This is an increase of 14 minutes per day on the figures reported by Ipsos MBRI in 2012, the last time the survey was completed.

The TV set is still the most popular device to watch TV on amongst 95% of those surveyed. However, the research also found that more and more people are adding other devices to their viewing habits, typically laptops, tablets and gaming consoles. When these are taken into account average viewing levels rise to almost four hours per day.

Not surprisingly, most of our consumption of TV is done at home. In terms of the devices that are used, the TV set once again comes out on top, with 79.8% of those surveyed watching the TV set, while 5.5% watch it on a laptop, 3.1% prefer to use a mobile phone and just 1.6% use a tablet.

The latest research was launched at a TAM Ireland breakfast seminar this week which featured Lord David Puttnam as the keynote speaker. During the event TAM Ireland also announced details of TAMvision, an ambitious plan to capture to measure all forms of audio-visual content across all devices by 2017.

TAM Ireland is currently piloting “Extended Screen” measurement which captures viewing on Laptops and PCs and it is working with the industry to develop tagging solutions to identify content across all platforms.  In addition to current developments, it will hold conversations with platform providers to explore incorporating return-path data into audience measurement.

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